Amalgamated Distibution & Taxi Trucks specialises in low cost delivery of Metro parcel freight daily, with a support fleet of Taxi Trucks ranging from 1 tonne to Semi-Trailers ensuring that any unexpected freight event is overcome with a time effective resolution.

Parcels sent using Amalgamated are delivered up to 24 hrs earlier than using traditional overnight delivery companies.

Amalgamated has been operating a parcel distribution service since 1990. The Local Operational Centres in Kensington and Clayton carry a complement of 78 vehicles servicing Metropolitan Melbourne.

We service the Metropolitan Melbourne area and offer services
such as:

  • Distribution of Break Bulk Inter/Intrastate pallets and parcels
  • Collection and consolidation of pallets and parcels, for Interstate/ Intrastate collection
  • Daily distribution of light parcel freight throughout Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Daily distribution of light parcel freight to the Mornington Peninsular and Geelong
  • Prepaid stickers service
  • On demand/Permanent vehicle hire
  • Point-to-Point Couriers
  • Taxi Truck services
  • Transport Consultation
  • Victorian Country Overnight service

Please contact our Sales Representatives for any additional services required on (03) 9269 7000.

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